Filling the Vacancy on Court - Stand Up for Fairness and Life
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Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s announcement that he will retire on July 31 has given renewed fervor to pro-abortion groups’ constant drum-beat that nominees are unfit for judicial office if they do not promise to endorse Roe v. Wade. Advocates for abortion are also preparing to make a nominee’s religious affiliation a source of suspicion and subject of debate.
Thankfully, the Pro-Life Community is speaking up and we urge you to join in.

Roe has been a heart-breaking experiment, especially for women. It has ended the lives of 60 million children in the womb and has steadily degraded norms nurturing mutually supportive relationships between men and women.
Even if you have never written to the Senate before, please take a couple minutes right now to send the message below to your Senators.  Also, please share this alert with all your friends and family and pray daily that a new justice on the Supreme Court will move us closer to the day when Roe is no more. 


Dear Senator,

I am writing regarding your deliberations about the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States.

As a constituent, I ask you to please consider the following: 

* Constitutional scholars including Laurence Tribe, Ed Lazarus, John Hart Ely and Jeffrey Rosen have stated publicly that Roe is bad constitutional law.

* Polls show that most Americans oppose Roe's policy of unlimited abortion.

* States have been compelled by public outcry and conscience to enact laws to protect the unborn to the maximum extent possible under Roe. One-third of all such protections were enacted in the last five years.

* Mainstream medicine rejects abortion. The vast majority of physicians and hospitals, secular and religious, refuse to perform abortions.

* Rather than bringing the country together, Roe has demonstrably divided the country for decades.

By any measure, abortion is not a settled issue and may be one of the many important matters before the Supreme Court in the future. I urge you to respect the serious and persistent divisions on this issue and not to condition your support for a nominee on his or her support for Roe.

Finally, any religious test for public office or reference to a nominee's faith as a proxy litmus test on Roe is both unjust and unconstitutional.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my views on this important issue.