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The new session of Congress began on January 4, 2016. Please tell your elected representatives that you expect them to uphold the right of conscientious objection to abortion by enacting the policy of the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA). Let them know that Congress’s failure in December 2015 to pass even the modest, common-sense protections of ANDA, which have long enjoyed bi-partisan support, is not acceptable. Make sure Congress knows we will not be silent and we will not give up on our efforts to defend life and liberty. Please use the link below.

The need for ANDA has only grown since 2014 when California started forcing almost all health plans in the state to cover elective abortions, even late-term abortions. This policy has no exemption for moral or religious objections. A mandate for hospitals, even religious ones, to perform abortions may be next. What is more, other states such as Washington and New York may be following California’s lead. These actions clearly violate a federal law known as the Weldon Amendment, which forbids governments receiving federal health care funds to discriminate against those who decline to take part in abortion or abortion coverage. Unfortunately, this amendment has legal weaknesses that make it ineffective against such challenges. The policy of ANDA will allow victims of discrimination a “right of action” to defend their rights in court and clarify the law in other ways. For more details and a video about the need for ANDA, click here.   Also see a new statement on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s abortion decisions by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, which emphasizes ANDA and the growing threat to conscience rights.

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  • Speak with your Representative and Senators in person the day of the March for Life if you are in Washington, or call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121

Suggested Message:  “Please work to enact the policy of the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act to defend the conscience rights of those who do not accept abortion. Doctors and nurses who are sensitive to the value of life at its most vulnerable must not be driven from the healing professions. It is wrong for government to force Americans to violate their deeply held moral and religious beliefs on respect for life."