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For the Roe decision to be accepted by Americans over the long term, abortion advocates and their allies in elected office had to convince the people that unborn children are something other than human beings. They have worked very hard at it, for a very long time, but it has not worked.  It will never work.
Advocates for abortion have wasted their time and an awful lot of money on a claim people know is just not so. But they will keep trying and so must we. 
Whether your Member of Congress and Senators support life, or do not, they ought to hear from you.  
Contact your Senators and Member of Congress today. We are so grateful for your support and action.
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement has thrust Roe v. Wade into the news with a disturbing amount of misinformation about Roe and the practice of abortion in our nation.  
For example, abortion advocates usually refer to the human being growing in her/his mother's womb in dehumanizing terms like "product of conception" and suggest that most abortions are done before the baby's organs are functioning.
This is false. A baby's heart begins to beat at about 21 or 22 days after fertilization. That's at about 3 weeks of development. The vast majority of abortions in the United States are done well after this point meaning that abortion not only destroys a unique and unrepeatable human being, it almost always stops a beating heart. 
Thank you for considering my views on this important matter. I urge you to check out other facts about the extreme abortion policy that Roe forced on our nation at
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