Tell Congress Women Don't Lie About Post Abortion Trauma
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Thousands of women experience symptoms of trauma and even post-traumatic stress disorder after abortion - either immediately after or sometimes decades later. Yet abortion supporters, including abortion supporters in Congress, refuse to acknowledge the real-life experience of these women. 

Whether your Member of Congress and Senators support life, or do not, they ought to hear from you.  

Contact your Senators and Member of Congress today. We are so grateful for your support and action.


Abortion is often portrayed as essential for women to achieve freedom and equality with men, yet many report feeling tremendous pressure or even face threats to abort - often from the father of the child.

Abortion supporters staunchly deny post abortion trauma exists or blame it all on people seeking to reduce abortion. This position cruelly denies the lived experience of women who speak of feelings of guilt, shame, grief, and regret and experience substance abuse, depression, and suicidal or self-harm inclinations after having an abortion.

For example, Cynthia Carney in an amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court described the aftermath of her abortion saying, "For 23 years, I went into crying spells, depression, suicidal thoughts. Emotionally it devastated me." Camelia Murphy explained, "I have suffered with low self-esteem, self-hatred, suicidal impulses, constant anxiety especially about sex and about making decisions."

Women would be better served if society recognized their grief from the death of their child, tried to creatively answer the needs of single mothers, mothers trying to get through school, mothers needing higher or more stable finances, etc. rather than dismissing their psychological trauma and telling them that abortion is the best choice. We can and should do better for all women.

Thank you for allowing me to express my views on this important issue.

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