We Can Do Better Than Counterproductive Abortion Policies Built On Roe
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Many of our elected officials either do not know or have willfully ignored peer-reviewed scientific research that does not conform to their position on Roe and abortion policy. This comes at a great cost to us all, but especially to women and children hurt by harmful, counterproductive government policies.

Whether your Member of Congress and Senators support life, or do not, they ought to hear from you.

Contact your Senators and Member of Congress today. We are so grateful for your support and action.


Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement has put a new focus on Roe v. Wade and abortion policy in America.

Many Federal policies are based on the premise that contraception is the key to reducing the abortion rate. Research based on decades of hard evidence does not back up this claim.  Instead, research shows that even when women were provided with free "emergency contraception", the pregnancy and abortion rates remained statistically equivalent to those not provided with it. Public health research has shown people engage in more frequent and riskier behavior if they believe their risk of pregnancy has been lowered by use of contraception provided by government programs.

Government programs funding of abortion produces more abortion, not less. Government policies that encourage parental involvement, provide women with better information and services about forming stable relationships, job training and education help women, children and reduce abortion. Unfortunately, Roe and some subsequent rulings have been used to invalidate many laws meant to help women and children and lower the rate of abortion.

I urge you to check out other facts about the counterproductive and extreme abortion policy that Roe forced on our nation. You can see these facts at www.usccb.org/roe.