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By Matilda Donovan

Let’s be honest. We all spend an embarrassing amount of time on social media, liking selfies of people we don’t know, watching videos of recipes we will never make and pretending we are friends with people we will never meet. 

 I too spend an inordinate amount of my 20-year-old life doing nothing on social media. And you know what?  I am increasingly frustrated by how unproductive I have become --  especially in area I am passionate about! Defending the right to every life is the greatest civil rights struggle of our generation.

 I have always thought of myself as Pro-Life, but I only ever went to the March for Life. While I know my witness on that one day is important, I also know that if I want to bring about real change I need to bring my virtual life into reality. I intend to use some of my social media time to bring about positive change! We can be heard in Washington all year long – not just one day a year!  We can raise our voices for those with no voice by advocating for public policy that defends women and children. We need to reach those who are making the laws so that they understand that we are the pro-life generation.

It is easy to urge our elected officials to vote Pro-Life by telling them our opinion, all year long, especially when that Bill is on their desk. Human Life Action sends out alerts when an issue needs immediate attention. If you follow them on Twitter you will know right away when action is needed. If you follow them on Facebook, you will never miss an opportunity to advocate for laws that save lives. 

Our opinion matters to our representatives and there is incredible power in volume.  If we are all involved in every action alert, our voice will be heard in Congress.  If we just show up once a year to the March for Life, those whom we speak for will be forgotten the rest of the year. 

We need to be consistent and persistent. So sign up for action alerts and take action immediately.  Join me in turning our social media time into something that could change policy to save lives. Follow @HumanLifeAction, take action at to email your representatives and share information on Facebook. Make a resolution this March for Life to become involved all year long.

Together we will be heard!

Matilda Donovan @tildidonovan is a proud member the #ProLifeGen and can now be found advocating for laws that protect women and children, even while waiting for the Metro