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There has been so much election and transition talk recently in conventional and social media that you can’t get away from it!  If you don’t know by now who has been elected, then you really are a hermit.  So, the new Congress and Trump Administration will soon be in charge of government, right? 


WE are in charge of government.  Still.  Have we forgotten that ours is a republic of, by, and for the people—not some ruling elite?

Let’s take up those reins and fulfill our responsibility to build a truly good government: one that respects life at all stages.  A government of true human rights for everyone, not just those with the power to decide who lives and who dies.

This is the duty of responsible citizenship we inherit in exchange for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  So, be sure to join our mission of grassroots advocacy for life-protecting federal laws by joining us.  We’ll keep you posted all year long about public policy efforts that defend that vital and most basic of rights: the right to life.

It’s not too early to make a new year’s resolution to speak up for life whenever our action alerts come across via text or email.  Let’s proclaim the hope of the gospel message all year long, because:

Together we will be heard!