Parental Consent


On May 21, 2002, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) introduced the State’s and Parental Rights Improvement Act of 2002 (H.R. 4783). The bill had 11 cosponsors and was referred to the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. The measure authorized states to require consent or notification by a parent or guardian for minors to purchase prescription drugs or devices under the Federal health care grant-in-aid program. Title X regulations prohibit family planning clinics from informing parents if their children receive any contraceptives. At a July 11 subcommittee hearing, Mr. John Heisler, a member of the McHenry County, IL Board, testified on a 1997 case where a 12- year-old grade school girl had been driven to a Title X funded county clinic on several occasions by a 37-year-old teacher who had been having sexual relations with her for 18 months. The girl was given injections of the drug Depo-Provera,without the parent’s being notified. No further action was taken on H.R. 4783.