The Mexico City Policy


Background: First announced by the Reagan Administration at a population conference in Mexico City in 1984, the Mexico City Policy (MCP) provides that no U.S. population assistance funds can be given to a foreign nongovernmental organization unless it certifies that it will not perform or promote abortion as a method of family planning. The policy was overturned by President Clinton on January 22, 1993 and restored by President Bush on January 22, 2001. Abortion advocates in Congress have been seeking ways to negate President Bush=s reinstatement of the policy.

For the Bishops' Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities Fact Sheet, "The Mexico City Policy (MCP): False Criticisms and the Facts," see:

Committee: On July 17, 2008, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved its Fiscal Year 2009 State/Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill (S. 3288). The bill contained language that would overturn the MCP. The corresponding House bill marked up in subcommittee did not address the MCP.