China: Coercive Population Control Policy

On December 3, 2015, the Congressional-Executive Committee on China (CECC) held a hearing, “China’s New ‘Two-Child Policy’ and the Continuation of Massive Crimes Against Women and Children.” The CECC is chaired by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Copies of all statements and testimony can be found at:

The hearing provided valuable information on the shift from a “One-Child” to a “Two-Child” population control policy announced October 29, 2015 by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Days later, according to Nicholas Eberstadt, China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission “emphasized that the new norms were not yet ‘valid,’ and described the Two-Child Policy as a ‘proposal’” that “would have to be approved by Beijing’s legislature next year before it might eventually be enacted.”

Testimony underscored the fact that the motive for this announced shift was not concern about coercion. The expectation is that the coercive regime in place will continue in the implementation of all aspects of policy, whether to enforce a “Two-Child” policy and even, perhaps in the future, to require births.

“The reason given for this adjustment,” stated witness Reggie Littlejohn, “is entirely demographic: ‘to balance population development and address the challenge of an ageing population.’” She added,” Coercion is the core of the policy.”

Steven Mosher presented a concise historical overview of the Party-State’s efforts to control the fertility of the Chinese people, detailing how a national Planned Birth program was operational by 1953 and “has continued to the present day.” And probably will continue in the future.

Jennifer Li and Sarah Huang offered gripping testimony on the experience of China’s coercive policies in their lives and the lives of others.

Chairman Smith concluded: “The international community, led by the U.S., must insist that China abolish all birth restrictions, dismantle its family planning apparatus, compensate the victims of forced abortions and sterilizations, raise the legal and inheritance status of girls, and permanently close a dark and deadly chapter in Chinese history.”