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I was greeted this morning by smiling nuns handing me chocolate chip cookies. It seemed like heaven. Where was I? I was at the Supreme Court of the United States participating in a joyful, well-attended rally to stand in solidarity with the Little Sisters of the Poor and the other plaintiffs. Their pleas for religious freedom were considered this morning by the Supreme Court. We prayed, we sang, we chanted “Let Them Serve” and we heard from a great line-up of speakers. Check out our Twitter feed for highlights.

There were counter protesters there too, though not as many. They were holding signs that claimed “I love my Birth Control” and were shouting, “We want birth control! When do what want it? NOW!” I guess the good news for them is, they already have everything they love and want. The cases for which oral arguments were heard today were not about taking birth control and abortion causing drugs away from anyone. In fact, under Obamacare birth control is more accessible than ever, and often free of charge. The Little Sisters and the other petitioners which include several Catholic bishops, dioceses, and Christian colleges are simply asking that their first liberty, our deeply cherished right of freedom of conscience be respected. This is about our right to follow our religious beliefs and not to be forced to conform to the government’s beliefs. This is about the freedom to serve according to our faith without government coercion and fines.

Standing with the Little Sisters of the Poor, clergy, religious schools, and others gave me hope as I stood at the rally this morning. There were uplifting speeches, prayers, singing, and a determined spirit. We are on the side fighting for faith and life and that is a pretty good place to be, despite the current obstacles. And, we’ve got cookies!

Together we will heard!