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Human Life Action’s Executive Director, Amy McInerny spoke on EWTN’s radio show Morning Glory with Gloria Purvis June 2, 2016. You can listen here as she explains the need for grassroots people of faith to advocate for the Conscience Protection Act of 2016. The interview with Human Life Action starts at the thirteenth minute.

The bill would protect pro-life healthcare professionals’ freedom of conscience. Take, for example, Nurse Cathy DeCarlo, whose job and nursing license were threatened if she did not participate in the destruction of a five-month-old unborn child. Cathy had no legal protection from the hospital’s coercion. The Conscience Protection Act of 2016 would help protect nurses like Cathy and all pro-life health care providers.  You can contact Congress by email and Twitter and raise your voice for the Conscience Protection Act at our Human Life Action Center by clicking here.

Together we will be heard!