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Millennials and Generation Y are the names given to my generation. It seems we wear many labels. Recently I was at a marketing event and learned many intriguing statistics about those born in Generation Y. They say we volunteer the most yet are the most narcissistic. We spend the most money yet we are most likely to sacrifice for a discount.  My generation can be described by many adjectives. My favorite, though, is that we are the pro-life generation.

My generation has a deep sense for helping humanity. We enjoy volunteering, we like campaigns that help people, and the message of human rights resonates with us. Sometimes millennials are lured into false campaigns claiming to be of human rights but many times we get it right. We’re getting it right with abortion. The Knights of Columbus Marist Poll shows that Millennials are more pro-life and approve less of abortion than previous generations. The majority of millennials approve of a 20 week ban, no taxpayer funding for abortions, and most importantly with exceptions the majority of millennials approve of an end to abortion. The March for Life every January has only grown. College campuses have more and more pro-life groups than ever before. This is promising for the future of the unborn. The millennials know that when we raise our voices we are heard and we understand that we can be the power behind positive human rights changes in our culture. This is something inspiring for all. For example, the statistics show that we are the most pro-life generation and a high number of pro-life bills are being passed. According to the Guttmacher Institute more pro-life bills have been passed in states in the past few years than ever before. Why? Because the pro-life generation is raising our voices.

When people raise their voice and join together, they are heard! You don’t have to be a millennial to raise your voice – all people are called to stand up for the vulnerable.

Right now you can raise your voice with the millennials and Americans of good will in every generation who seek to protect pro-life healthcare providers. Right now we are encouraging everyone to advocate for the Conscience Protection Act of 2016. Health care professionals, like nurse Cathy, are finding themselves in situations of being threatened to provide abortions or have their jobs and nursing licenses taken away. You can watch Cathy’s story here. The Conscience Protection Act of 2016 will give these pro-life health care professionals the opportunity to have their voices heard in court. Be sure to #StandWithCathy and contact your members of Congress to urge their support for this important legislation.

Together we will be heard!

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