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As I was commuting to work this morning and listening to Morning Glory on EWTN radio I learned that Saint Junipero Serra, whose feast we celebrate today, was walking through California spreading the Gospel and founding the seventh of nine missions at the same time that our Founding Fathers were declaring Independence on the East Coast. I just read online at American Catholic that his motto was “Always forward, Never back!”

What an encouraging message for us to contemplate and adopt as our own as this Fortnight for Freedom comes to a close on Monday. At the end of this week which began with the Supreme Court abandoning common-sense and catering to big-business abortion at the expense of women’s health and safety, not to mention refusing to review a bad anti-conscience law discriminating against pharmacists, a pro-life American might be tempted to throw in the proverbial towel.  But discouragement, we know, is a trick of Satan, and we are not going to fall for that!

If Saint Junipero could walk 250 miles with an infected leg for the love of souls, we can struggle forward in our own time to defend life, conscience rights, and the freedom of religion that this country was founded upon. It is interesting to reflect that Pope Francis canonized St. Junipero last September, not in California, but here in Washington, DC. Perhaps we should take that as a reminder that we must proclaim the Gospel of Life on Capitol Hill whenever possible.

The bishops have called us into action to advocate for the Conscience Protection Act of 2016. Let’s go with Junipero, “Always Forward, Never Back!” For the love of souls and this One Nation Under God, let’s encourage Congress to do the right thing.  You can take action here:

Together we will be heard!