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The results of last week’s election might tempt those of us who work for the legal protection of every human life to sit on our laurels and assume that all shall be well with the movement to protect innocent life at all stages of development.  But let us not rush to conclude that there is no more work to be done in this great civil rights struggle to obtain and secure the right to life for all people, especially the most vulnerable. The people of God must stay awake and alert to the many opportunities that are still before us to proclaim the Gospel of Life to the legislative process.

 I do not want to be a wet blanket, however, because Human Life Action continues to announce a message of new hope and vigor for our advocacy on behalf of life and liberty of conscience. Let’s renew our efforts at prayer, and continue to act as faithful citizens whenever possible no matter what may transpire in the next four years; because truly our work has just begun, even though we can practically hear the sailor’s cry of “Land, ho!”  This is an historic political moment in the battle for life.  So, stay connected and stay ready to act on new action alerts, because each voice matters. Or as St Bede would have it: "Unfurl the sails and let God steer us where He will."

Together we will be heard!

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