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January 2nd was a federal holiday, so I walked up to the quaint, historic district of Old Town, Alexandria to do some shopping.  Shortly after my errand, I was on my way to Mass just after noon, and saw a man and woman walking ahead of me and laughing at something.  It turns out that he was walking with his GPS to find an address.  I noted this and joined in their laughter, as I overtook them.  “Walking with a GPS?  Isn’t that a little silly?” I joked.  And again, we all laughed.

As it turned out, they were looking for St. Mary Church, their destination the same as mine.   I got to thinking about how we find our direction in life.  By that I mean our internal GPS, that guides our every reaction, decision, and thought.  I thought that without the bedrock of the faith, it would be like living at the North Pole, where the compass swings wildly, looking for direction.

Being in the first week of a new year is always a good time to check our internal GPS.  Are we, in a substantive way, making this world a better place?  If we really want to do that, we must join the mission to build a culture that protects all stages of life, instead of discarding the elderly and sick, or discarding “inconvenient” babies.

Let us make a New Year’s resolution to set our compass to the true direction provided by the undying and eternal truth that Christ’s teaching and Church represent.  Let us recommit ourselves to advocating for life at every stage.  Sign up now for upcoming action alerts that make it easy to do so by clicking here.

Together we will be heard!