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This will be short. Probably around 400 words. This will take the average reader 2 minutes.

The USCCB has joined with 32 other groups representing millions of Americans and tens of thousands of health care professionals with a profound concern about abortion, and particularly about the conscience rights of health care professionals and facilities who choose not to participate in the destruction of unborn lives. They have called on Congress to enact the common-sense policy of the Conscience Protection Act of 2017 so that Americans will not be coerced to participate in abortion. It is wrong for government to force us to act against our deeply held beliefs about life.

Now is the time for the more than 70,000,000 Catholics who live in the United States to contact their members of Congress to let them know we expect them to protect our cherished right of freedom of conscience. If we do not proclaim the truth that abortion is not healthcare, who will? Let’s defend pro-life health care professionals who choose not to participate in abortion. Catholic doctors and nurses should not be forced from the healing arts because they respect vulnerable lives at their beginning.

In our 43-year history of mobilizing the grassroots we have seen the impact made when millions of Catholics raise their voices as 1 in defense of life. Those who remember 1996 may remember the Partial Birth Abortion ban. Many said it wouldn’t pass. The political will wasn’t there some claimed. Undaunted by the predictions of failure, grassroots Catholics sent nearly 8 million postcards to Congress demanding that the brutal procedure be made illegal. The ban became law.

Our voices need to be heard once again on Capitol Hill. We now have the opportunity to push back against the forces of death that would see abortion enshrined as the standard of care in medicine. And contacting Congress is exponentially quicker and easier than it was 20 years ago! Imagine how loudly and clearly our message will be heard in the halls of Congress when 700,000 messages arrive from those who treasure life and liberty of conscience!

It will take you fewer than 15 seconds to text “life” to 474747 to receive a link to the alert on your phone. Or you can open your browser, search for, click Take Action and respond to the alert. Even if you have to type in your name and address for the first time, it will take you less than 2 minutes to make a difference. If we all advocate for life, the numbers will add up and together we will be heard!