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Great news! On the evening of October 3, the House passed H.R. 36, The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, in a bi-partisan vote of 237 to 189. Way to defend life, Team HLA! Together we were heard!

While the President has said he would sign this legislation if it reaches his desk, passage in the Senate poses significant challenges. Does anyone else wonder what the effect would be if even half of the 70 million Catholics in this nation raised their voices as one? Truth would reverberate through the halls of the Senate! Life-saving laws would be enacted!


This is not just idealistic speculation. We have a history of building the culture of life in law against the political odds. Some will remember the post card campaigns of the past-- before the Internet-- such as when millions of Catholics and Americans of good will joined together to insist that Congress enact the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. How much easier it is now for us to quickly click a link to send a message to our elected representatives!


Lives are at stake and we have a duty by virtue of our baptism to go out into the public square with the heart of Christ. Discouragement and defeatism is not a part of our mission because we serve the Omnipotent God. Encourage your family, friends and fellow parishioners to join you in raising their voices for the voiceless. It's as easy as texting "life" to 474747 or clicking the "Join Us" box found at We'll alert you when it is timely to turn our attention to the Senate. Until then, please keep standing with us. You can expect another alert soon which will allow us to advocate for policy to protect the vulnerable at the end of life.


Together we will be heard and we will save precious, unrepeatable lives. Power to the People of God!