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Help Us Tell Thomas' Life-Affirming Story

Have you met baby Thomas? Born prematurely at just 22 weeks - that’s right, 5 ½ months - doctors and nurses didn't think he would survive. But nothing stopped Thomas and his family from fighting for life and nothing should stop us either! Will you help us tell Thomas' story in a 3-5-minute professional video that we will guarantee will change hearts and minds?  His story must be told. Please donate now to help change hearts and minds.

Thomas' story can shape our nation's understanding about viability and abortion and help more Americans understand why children yet-to-be-born deserve protection under the law. Your donation will help us produce and promote a high-quality, 3-5 minute video that can be shared on social media, played in high school classrooms, and parish RCIA and CCD classes.

We want to tell this family’s journey and the decisions they made to ensure Thomas lived.  Thomas’ family made real choices to save Thomas’ life and with the support of doctors, nurses and millions of prayers. We want to produce a video to tell Thomas’ story. Won't you help us fund the production and promotion of this powerful pro-life witness?

Twenty percent of all funds raised in excess of our $50,000 goal will be donated to the neo-natal intensive care unit that cared for baby Thomas at the beginning of his life. We want to see other children have the same support that has helped baby Thomas reach his first birthday as a happy healthy child, don’t you? Please join us in sharing this beautiful story. Donations of every size help NCHLA: Human Life Action build the culture of life. Together we will be heard!