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Live Action recently released a video addressing the “My body, my choice” argument and how to respond to it:

By Chuck Weber | The Leaven Kansas legislators finished the grueling 2019 session with two monumental issues before them: a contentious fight over Medicaid expansion and an astonishing state...

Senator Daines condemned infanticide and said "all human life is precious, no matter the state of development or disability."

By Elizabeth Kirk | Public Discourse In the wake of last month’s decision, the only remedy left to the people of Kansas is to pass a constitutional amendment to...

Learn more about the Times Square event sponsored by Focus on the Family:

By Katlin Connin | WSBT 22 SOUTH BEND — Lawyers for Women’s Care Center want South Bend’s Common Council to override a mayor’s veto. Mayor Pete Buttigieg vetoed a...

By Scott Morefield | The Daily Caller A video of Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims verbally harassing an elderly female anti-abortion protester outside a southeastern Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood is...

An illustration of CRISPR-Cas9, a customizable tool that lets scientists cut and insert small pieces of DNA at precise areas along a DNA strand. Source: National Human Genome Research Institute,...

By Stephanie Armour | The Wall Street Journal New regulations are designed to strengthen protections, enforcement for those who say certain medical procedures violate their beliefs The Trump administration...

By Diane Coleman | Not Dead Yet Friday night, I got a phone call from a woman who said that a Minnesota hospital had stated its plan for Monday...

By Kansas Catholic Conference APRIL 25, 2019 Far from empowering or advancing the status of women, today’s ruling by the Kansas State Supreme Court is a grotesque caricature of...


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