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Looking toward 2024

As this year is coming to a close, we give thanks for you and all our fellow pro-lifers who support the mission of NCHLA Human Life Action with their time, talent and treasure. It is our privilege to stand with you in this battle to restore respect and legal protection for the preborn and their mothers.

Human Life Action has been working diligently to support states that are under siege by pro-abortion forces and we cannot do it without you.  The abortion industry’s attack on life, the stripping of legal protections for women and children and the rejection of parents’ rights to protect their children, seems to be gaining momentum, fueled by the billions of dollars from pro-abortion proponents intent on exploiting women’s bodies with their lies and fearmongering. And yet, we are undeterred.  We resolve to defend the defenseless and will never tire of fighting for what is true, good, and right.

There are challenges in the year ahead to be sure. Yet, each one represents an opportunity. We have important lessons to learn from 2023 and will go forward to help states educate and engage everyone with the truth.

In 2024 the following states are targets for a proposed pro-abortion amendment to the state constitution or other pro-abortion initiatives:


South Dakota




New York




Nevada’s petition for the pro-abortion initiative was recently struck down in court.  See article

These are some key challenges currently underway and there could possibly be more to come.  Please help to make others aware and to battle the pro-abortion forces where possible.