National Committee for a Human Life Amendment

Morning-After Pill

Morning-after pills are also called "emergency contraceptives" pills (ECPs), but this term clouds over the fact that these pills have both contraceptive and abortifacient effects.

Pro-abortion advocates have been promoting morning-after pills in various ways. They have succeeded in mandating coverage for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved pills in health plans for federal employees. Conscience protection for institutions remains deficient in relation to this policy. See: Federal Employees Health Benefits. They seek to extend the coverage mandate to all health insurance plans. In 2000, a particularly vitriolic debate on this matter occurred in the District of Columbia City Council. Congress intervened, securing conscience protection for religious beliefs and moral convictions.

Abortion advocates are pushing to require all hospitals to provide morning-after pills for rape victims, but with little or no regard for conscience protection for hospitals and health care personnel. They also seek to establish public education programs promoting morning-after pills. Efforts by pro-life to restrict the distribution of morning-after pills in schools have not been successful. Also see: Parental Notification.