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Today we celebrate all babies born prematurely, and the doctors and nurses who never stopped fighting for the little ones to have a chance at life. It's an opportunity to urge your senators to enact the Conscience Protection Act of 2017.

While they may be tiny and fragile, don't let physical appearances fool you; preemies are tough little humans who just need a bit of help to shine and be living witnesses to the culture of life. Baby Thomas is one of those pro-life witnesses who recently celebrated his first birthday.

Born prematurely at just 22 weeks, little Thomas is a living witness to the dignity of preborn children. Doctors and nurses didn't think he would survive, but against all odds, Thomas didn't stop fighting for his life, and we shouldn't stop fighting either for the dignity of all human life, especially the preborn.

One way we can help protect the sanctity of human life and specifically premature babies is by advocating for science and the huge steps it's taking to ensure that preemies have a fighting chance at life. Every day, health care practitioners are working towards securing viability for babies born sooner than expected. By urging Congress to take action on the Pain-Capable bill, we're helping to support the viability of babies born prematurely at 5 months.

Another way we as a society can celebrate World Prematurity Day is by sharing Thomas' video and by donating to help babies like him. With your help, Human Life Action can promote and produce a professional 3-5 minute video about baby Thomas and his amazing family. We want other babies like Thomas to have the same love and support that he did during his time in the hospital, and this video will make this vision possible.

However you advocate for a culture of life, remember that preemies everywhere, especially today, are counting on you for your continued support, prayers and efforts in fighting on their behalf.