National Committee for a Human Life Amendment


Right now, in the 2024 Maryland General Assembly, there are companion bills attempting to legalize physician assisted suicide. The House version (HB 0403) had its First Reading on January 18 and was referred to two committees: Health and Government Operations; Judiciary.  The Senate version (SB 0443) had its First Reading on January 22 and was referred to the Judicial Proceedings Committee. A hearing is scheduled in the Senate on February 8.

To send a message to your legislators in Annapolis, find more resources and learn more about how to be involved, please see the Maryland Catholic Conference website.


 The proposed Maryland Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment would cement a “right” to abortion in the state’s constitution and prevent the enactment of laws that protect women and young girls from coerced or unwanted abortions. The amendment was added to the ballot by the state legislature, based on a supermajority vote in both chambers (60%).  Currently, abortion is legal in Maryland through all nine months of pregnancy.