National Committee for a Human Life Amendment


The proposed Maryland Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment, that will be on the ballot this November, would cement a “right” to abortion in the state’s constitution and prevent enactment of laws that protect women and young girls from coerced or unwanted abortions. The amendment was added to the ballot by the state legislature, based on a supermajority vote in both chambers (60%). Currently, abortion is legal in Maryland through all nine months of pregnancy.

Enshrining abortion in the constitution will divert attention and resources away from broader efforts that will promote women’s wellbeing. We must advocate for and demand policies that address the root causes of abortion. This means comprehensive solutions such as access to healthcare, resources for families, and addressing social and economic inequalities.

The amendment asserts that reproductive freedom is for “individuals” and “persons” with no stipulation that they need to be adults, so this amendment will apply to children. If this amendment passes, “reproductive” medicines will be available to children without involving parents. As it is, Maryland has very few protections in place when it comes to abortion. Minors are not required to obtain parental consent in order to have an abortion and the parental notification law has numerous exceptions.

Read the May 8, 2024 letter from the bishops and for more information on this amendment, see Maryland Catholic Conference.