National Committee for a Human Life Amendment


On January 24, 2024 Carson City District Judge James T. Russell approved a petition by abortion advocates as eligible for signature gathering in their attempt to get abortion rights on the 2024 ballot. The petition was cleared to have supporters gather more than 102,000 signatures by the June 26 deadline.

The ballot measure would allow the state to regulate abortion after “viability” with exceptions and after that for the life and physical and mental health of the woman. The measure would reinforce the state’s current policy that allows abortion up to 24 weeks, but further enshrine it in the state constitution and make it more difficult to overturn.

According to the Planned Parenthood website, as of April 11, 2024, Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom have collected more than 110,000 signatures. If the signatures are validated and the abortion amendment is approved by voters this November, the constitutional amendment would need to be approved a second time by voters in 2026.