National Committee for a Human Life Amendment

New York

In New York, a constitutional amendment needs to be passed in both chambers of the state legislature in two consecutive sessions in order to be referred to the ballot. The measure that passed out of the full state legislative body in 2022 and again in 2023 is called the Equal Protection Clause.  It would amend the New York Constitution to prohibit the denial of rights to an individual based on their “ethnicity, national origin, age, [and] disability,” as well as their “sex, including sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, and reproductive healthcare and autonomy.”  The current language of the Equal Protection Clause prohibits the denial of rights to a person based on “race, color, creed, or religion.”

According to the New York government website, “Abortion access is available for New Yorkers and for those coming from outside of New York State.  In New York, you can get an abortion up to and including 24 weeks of pregnancy. After 24 weeks, you can still get an abortion if your health or pregnancy is at risk.”

For information on abortion policy and other resources, see the New York Catholic Conference website.