National Committee for a Human Life Amendment


Initially several possible ballot initiatives were introduced for amending the state constitution to establish a broad right to abortion.  Recently, abortion advocates settled on one version that would establish a right to unregulated abortions, remove regulations on abortion that are currently in law, and after viability would allow broad exceptions for the life or health of the woman.  Abortion proponents have until May 5, 2024, to submit just over 170,000 signatures to move to the next phase of having this initiative placed on the November ballot.  “Launch parties” to sign their petition have begun in major cities around the state.

A group seeking to protect women and children has been formed. The Missouri Stands with Women coalition has begun to strategize and work toward defeating this proposed amendment. A “Decline to Sign” campaign is underway, which seeks to educate citizens on the dangers of this proposed amendment and to encourage them to think twice and ask questions before signing anything.  The Missouri Catholic Conference, also part of the coalition, has laid out information on the proposed amendment, the petition process, and a letter from the bishops. They are asking for spiritual and material support for women and children throughout the state.  For more information see  Pray and act!