National Committee for a Human Life Amendment


The petition process for the Right to Abortion Initiative began in October of 2023.  The proposed amendment that would insert a right to abortion in the state constitution was given to the secretary of state and currently stands in the position of acquiring signatures.  Abortion proponents will need almost 125,000 signatures by July 5, 2024. The state has a distribution requirement mandating that the number of signatures is determined by the number of registered voters from 5 percent of two-fifths of Nebraska’s 93 counties.

Currently, Nebraska allows abortions up to 12 weeks’ gestation, with exceptions for life of the mother.  If the proposed amendment were to pass it would allow abortion up to the point of “viability,” and then allow abortions after that for “health reasons.”  This would subject pregnant women and their unborn children to numerous health and safety risks because reasons for late-term abortions could cover a wide range of reasons, including her financial status.

Nebraskans are facing an extreme abortion measure, said Tom Venzor, executive director of the Nebraska Catholic Conference (NCC), “and every one of us will be needed” to stop it. See NCC website to be informed.